Sunday, November 12, 2017

Cedar Key RV Resort, Cedar Key, FL

Date of Stay:  Wednesday October 4 – Sunday November 12, 2017 (5+ weeks)

Rate: Our Lot 75

Website:  Cedar Key RV Resort
   11980 SW Shiloh Road
   Cedar Key, FL 32625

Activities:  We spent the first couple of weeks cleaning up the lot.  We had bought a pressure washer last year and I gave it a good workout cleaning our concrete patio and parking site along with Pelican Place.  As usual, the saw palmettos had to be thinned out and fresh pine straw put down.  I even put some pansies in the window planter of the shed,  It wasn’t all work though.  Along with starting the long list of doctor appointments, we enjoyed the pool a couple of times, visited with Martha and Lee and Bianca and Steve.  We also caught up on eating some good fried shrimp at The Big Deck and wings at Treasure Camp.  Our last week here, T&D joined us for a ride over to Silver Springs State Park and a nice visit with Bill and Nancy.  We all took a ride on one of the glass bottom boats.  It gives a different perspective than paddling in the kayak.

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