Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Walmart (I-95 exit 119), Manning, SC

Date of Stay:  Monday May 1, 2017 (1 night)

Website:  Walmart
   2010 Paxville Hwy
   Manning, SC 29102

Description:  Very quiet easy in and out about a mile from I-95.  This is a good stop over for us.  Bojangles for breakfast.  Will stay here again.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Cedar Key RV Resort, Cedar Key, FL

Date of Stay:  Sunday November 6, 2016 – Monday May 1, 2017 (6 months)

Rate: Our Lot 75

Website:  Cedar Key RV Resort
   11980 SW Shiloh Road
   Cedar Key, FL 32625

Activities:  We knew we wanted to have a low key winter here so we didn’t socialize at the clubhouse much.  Martha and Lee took over as managers during the summer and have done a great job.  The park is home to us.  Here’s a few highlites of the winter with a few photos.

   November:  I cleaned up Pelican Place with Dan’s pressure washer.  It had flooded a couple of times during the summer so it was quite nasty.  Shelley and Bob arrived and we enjoyed time with them at the clubhouse.  A little different atmosphere here but we will enjoy the peace.
   December:  Dan and Tricia got married at Pelican Place!! It was very informal with just them, us, John (who was the officiant) and Angie.  Gin developed the worse case of bronchitis just before Christmas.  Tricia’s Dad developed internal bleeding so T&D went to NC.

Tricia and Dan get married!!  Pink flamingos ready for the wedding
Together for 8 years… real commitment

   January:  Tricia’s father passed away shortly after D&T arrived in NC.  She stayed there several weeks to help her mom while Dan came back to CK.  Bill and Nancy visited a week while they were gone and we enjoyed going with them to Hart Springs for a nice picnic and stroll.  We took them to Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park for another nice outing.  John and Marcella did some nice landscape work on their site.  Maggie and Vel arrived and started landscaping on their lot also.  I went with them to the Manatee Festival in Crystal River where Al and Pam sold all of their pvc birds.

Very nice ride  Nice ride to the park
Pontoon boat ride at Homosassa Springs
Wood ducks  Wood ducks
Wood ducks are so pretty
Syl goofing around in the VC  Entrance Gin at the Underwater Observatory
       Syl at the VC                                   Entrance                           Gin at the Underwater Observatory
Gray Fox napping  Red Fox napping
Gray fox and Red fox napping
Lu the Hippopotamus  Florida Panther relaxing during the day
Lu the hippopotamus                                   Florida panther
Wild herons making a nest  Hawk  Great Horned Owl
Wild heron nesting                          Hawk                            Great Horned Owl
Pelican with chicks  Flamingos  Posing
Pelican with chicks                                        Flamingos like to pose
Sandhill Crane  Wood Storks  Resting Wood Stork
Sandhill Crane                                      Wood Storks look odd resting on their knees
White Pelican  Roseate Spoonbill  Egret
White Pelican                              Roseate Spoonbill                            Egret
Grat Blue Heron  Nancy captures a wood stork  Pelican and chicks
Great Blue Heron           Nancy shoots a Wood Stork                 Pelican with chicks

   February:  John and Marcella’s nice landscaping was damaged by someone backing into the site across from theirs.  The MH hooked the big rock and dragged it across the sidewalk and gravel digging into the dirt.  Gin and I joined D&T for a day in Gainesville after spending the morning walking the La Chua Trail at Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park.  M&V had a shed delivered and so did we.  Dan and I put the old one on his trailer and took it to the storage area for Lee and Martha.  Barnhill Landscapes did some more gravel work for us and put in a couple of big sabal palms.  I redid the other plants hopefully for the last time.  Bruce and Laura came for a week.  We all rented a pontoon boat at Treasure Camp and went up the Suwannee River to Manatee Springs State Park for a lunchtime picnic on a beautiful day.

Boardwalk  Gin and gator on the trail
Boardwalk at Alachua Sink         Gin and a gator on the trail
Big head!  Camo gator
Basking  Alligators and egret
Lots of big alligators!
Egret  Flock of sandhill cranes
Egret                                         Flock of Sandhill Cranes
Wild buffalo  Wild horses
Wild buffalo and wild horses all at Paynes Prairie

All aboard!  Heading out
All aboard!                                    We’re heading out!
Tricia and Vel both in their own worlds  Dan, Gin, Maggie, Bruce and Laura
Tricia and Vel enjoy the front         Dan, Gin, Maggie, Bruce and Laura enjoy the shade
Docked at Manatee Springs State Park  Info sign
Docked at Manatee Springs
Headwater is 72*  Gin and Tricia at the headwaters
Headwater is 72*                                      Gin and Tricia enjoy the view

   March:  I redid all the landscape edging using drainage pipe that Gin had cut down the middle. It was about 260’ but it sure looks better.  Dan and Tricia left early in the month to welcome their first grandchild (Bennett) into the world! Sure is quiet back here but they sure are happy in NC.  Gin stayed busy building a nice work bench and shelves in her shed (Gin’s Den).  Vel and Maggie’s friends Barb and Jeff came down from Nebraska for a few days to check out Cedar Key.  We joined them for a meal and a ride on the Tidewater Tours boat around the islands.  We saw bottle nosed dolphins “playing” in the water.  I wish I had my camera because it was “Spring time” playing.

Entry  From patio at back bumpaer
     Entry from the road                                Pathway from patio to Pelican Place
PP  Pelican Place
Pelican Place is such a nice little get away
P1050104  From driver's rear bumper towards Pelican Place
Our two new sabal palms

   April:  Kathy, one of Maggie and Vel’s friends from Lincoln, came down for a weekend visit.  We enjoyed meeting her and introducing her to Cedar Key.  Dan and Tricia came back down around the middle of the month.  We all got together for the end of season outings and we packed our shed full of stuff.  The pool was a welcomed relief in the afternoons.

D&T are back  P1050107
From the roof of our MH