Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Jolly Acres RV Park & Storage, St George, SC

Date of Stay:  Tuesday October 3, 2017 (1 night)

Rate:  $36/night

Website:  Jolly Acres RV Park & Storage
   289 Horne Taylor Road
   St George, SC 29477

Description:  Located about 5 miles from I-95 exit 77, this mom and pop park is in a quiet rural setting.  There are a few well maintained permanent sites but most are short stays.  We were in site I, a FHU (50A) pull thru with a concrete patio.  Roadways and sites are packed gravel.  No longer accept Passport America.

Trash and Recycle:  Couple of dumpsters in the park but no recycle.

Activities:  Nice midway point for us and we met T&D here on our way to Cedar Key for the winter.  Good park to stroll in and feed the ducks on the pond.

Office  Pull thru site I
Office                                                        On site I
Ducks on the pond  Ducks on the pond
Ducks on the pond

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

RV Resort at Carolina Crossroads, Roanoke Rapids, NC

Date of Stay:  Friday September 9 – Tuesday October 3, 2017 (1 month)

Rate:  $550/month

Website:  RV Resort at Carolina Crossroads
   415 Wallace Fork Road
   Roanoke Rapids, NC 27870

Description:  Reviewed several times in the past.  We stayed on site P12 for the first week then moved to our favorite site P8 for the remainder of our time.  Both have gazebos but P8 is a little bigger.  This is a FHU(50A) park just off I-95 at exit 171.  Most sites and roads are gravel but there are some premium sites that are paved with paved sites.

Trash and Recycle:  Put your trash by the road in the morning and they pick it up.  No recycle here but we take ours to a bin in town near Mom’s.

Activities:  We always do the family thing here, but just getting here was interesting.  Since Hurricane Irma was coming, we left Franklin, NC at 9:00am and drove the 392 miles straight here without an overnight stop.  We got here at 10:00pm.  What took so long?  We blew a tire on the truck (toad) less than 50 miles into our day!  Thank goodness our tire pressure monitor caught it or else I would have kept driving and ruined the rim.  We called our road side assistance service and a wrecker towed the truck to a nearby mom and pop tire store.  Gin stayed with Tawanda at the exit ramp and I had four new tires installed (needed new ones anyway).  That took us a few extra hours but we’re so glad it happened early in the day.  While here in RoRap, we spent quality time with our folks.  Gin’s dad is having some more difficulties breathing and has his ups and downs.  Mom lost her last two siblings to cancer this past summer so she is a little down about that.  I did drive her and Aunt Lola to Johnston County to visit my aunts and uncle.  My siblings all got together at Mom’s and it’s good to visit with them too.  We had Mom, Doug and Carla join us at the rv park for a nice steak dinner in the gazebo.  We also visited D&T in Youngsville for his birthday.  Unfortunately, Brandon and Amanda were elsewhere with Bennett.  Hopefully we can meet the baby some other time.