Thursday, April 30, 2015

Cedar Key RV Resort, Cedar Key, FL

Date of Stay:  Saturday November 8, 2014 – Thursday April 30, 2015 (almost 6 months)

Rate:  Our Lot 75

Website:  Cedar Key RV Resort
   11980 SW Shiloh Road
   Cedar Key, FL 32625

Activities:  We came back here for the rest of the winter.  Not a bad thing but we were hoping to go to a boondocking rally in February.  Due to Gin’s knee, we just didn’t go.  We enjoyed activities when we could and enjoyed lots of socializing of course.  Here are some highlights by months with a few pics.  It’s a long post but it was a long time.
     November:  We continued to enjoy the boat by checking out a couple of nearby rivers with Tricia and Dan.  The Withlacoochee ramp is near Yankeetown where the river meets the Gulf.  After putting in there, we went up river all the way to the dam for Lake Rousseau.  There were several houses on both sides of the river with many fishing boats moored in Yankeetown.  As we went up river, it became less populated and more rustic.  When it was time to leave, we were treated to an interesting sight where the river widened near the Gulf.  A dolphin was tossing something into the air, maybe a crab, and catching it or diving into the water again to retrieve it.  We all sat there while he did this at least a half dozen times.  It was great to see!
   Another river we all enjoyed was the Santa Fe.  We put in at a shallow ramp at Hwy 129 north of Trenton.  This was a much more rustic river with much more natural surroundings.  No pictures, but when we stopped for lunch, a pair of Manatee surfaced real close to us.
   The rest of the month was regular stuff and socializing.  It turned cold early so we covered the boat for a few months.  We found out that some of our plants died due to freezing temps at night.  I’ll replace them with something else before we leave in the Spring.

Withlacoochee River boat ramp  Cypress tree on the Withlacoochee
Withlacoochee boat ramp                            Huge cypress tree
Many working boats  Lots more working boats
Withlacoochee boats  Withlacoochee boats
Many working boats moored near Yankeetown
Love this palm tree over the water  Cows on the bank
Palm tree over the water                   Cows on the bank of the Withlacoochee
Break time on the Withlacoochee  Cruisin' the Waccasassa River
Break time on the Withlacoochee                  Cruising on the Waccasassa
Crab in its' mouth?  Dolphin where the River meets the Gulf
Dolphin playing with a crab
Santa Fe River ramp at Hwy 129  Cruising the Santa Fe River
Santa Fe ramp at 129                                  Cruising the Santa Fe
D&T cruising the Santa Fe  Santa Fe cabin
D&T cruising the more rustic Santa Fe River

     December:  We bought a new truck!  We actually bought it during the week of Thanksgiving but picked it up on the 1st.  It’s a Ram 1500 and is much more comfortable than the Suzuki.  I had the baseplate put on at the Hitching Post in Ocala so it’s ready to push the MH.  Lots more people have arrived in the park so there’s lots of socializing and dinners at the clubhouse.  This was the first year that we had a chance to decorate for Christmas.  We’ve been at Lazy Days the past two years so I hung the stockings by the fireplace and the Santa hats on the outside mirrors.  We decided to surprise our families in NC for Christmas and drove the truck up for a few days.  The look on their faces was priceless!  Gin’s parents didn’t have any special plans so we stayed with them.  My whole family was getting together at Mom’s so we spent the day there too.  It was a very long ride to NC and there is no way we could have done it in the Suki.  We enjoyed the visit but it was good to get back to CK before it got too cold.

Ain't she purdy!  Comin' at cha!
This truck might push the MH!  Stuff!
Ram 1500 and other stuff
Nativity scene  Christmas decorations
Nativity scene and decorations
Gin and Xannie  Jam session with Judy, David, Keith and Jeff
Gin reading with Xannie                          Some of my family has talent(not me)
Judy, Mom, David, Samantha, Xannie and Leslie  Mom, David, Marie, Shannon, Virginia, Samantha, Xannie and Leslie
Jeff, Ella, Becca, Judy, Keith, Mom and Philip  Mom, Philip, Shannon, Marie, Virginia,David, Leslie, Doug, Melissa and Samantha in the middle
A good time was had by all!

     January:  When we park here for the winter, it’s quite comfortable and familiar.  So many of the people return here year after year so we have lots of close friends.  We enjoy more special times at the clubhouse, one of which is a surprise birthday party for Tammy.  I don’t take pictures because I like to relax and enjoy the good times (plus who needs evidence?).  Any time you park your rig for a while, it’s good to take on those overdue projects.  Gin was busy.  She put in a new toilet with a deeper bowl (no pics, you’re welcome) and took out our couch.  We replaced it with two Lazyboy recliners and a table.  Along with Maggie’s help, they matched up the paneling pretty good.  I did at least do the staining.  Gin got a shot in her knee and did some physical therapy but it hasn’t seemed to help.

No couch... just Lazy Boys
Yes they are comfortable

    February:  Several people from CKRV went to Bob and Shelley’s place near Williston for a great day out.  Along with their friends Denny, Laverle, Stick and Judy, they own a few acres with a pole barn house and corral for their horses.  It’s a great set up with 3 or 4 RV hookups right at the small open house that has a great screened in porch for entertaining.  It’s right next to the Goethe State Forest and there are trails for horse and buggy rides.  We divided up to ride the three buggies, enjoyed playing molkky, rode Denny’s segway, socialized and ate lots of food.
   No pictures here(no blackmail) but we threw a surprise 50th birthday party for Lesa at the clubhouse.  Her birthday is May 2 and the winter people will be long gone.  Tricia suggested we have a party on the 50th day of the year.  Lesa was told that it was a late Valentine’s Day party so she went right along with it.  She even made a cake.  Gin and Tricia made a special apparatus cake too.

Inside the pole barn  Screened patio of pole barn
Inside the poll barn house                           Screened porch for social hour
Three horse and buggy teams ready to go  Dan on Denny's segway
Buggies are ready!                                     Dan on the segway
Getting ready to roll  From the front seat
Let’s go for a ride!                                     From the front seat
Trail into Goethe State Forest  Two other buggies behind us
Trail into Goethe                                         Two other buggies

    March:  We started the month with a group from the park taking an Island Hopping Tour with Tidewater Tours in CK.  It was a beautiful day and we ended up on two of their boats which are basically pontoon boats with added seating and nice bimi tops.  We learned some of the basic history of the area and had a dolphin play in our wake for a while.  Cedar Key was originally on Atsena Otie Key before a hurricane destroyed the town.  That island is now a wildlife refuge owned by the State.  The town is now on Way Key.
   Another day, we joined a few folks on their kayaks in Dunnellon on the Rainbow and Withlacoochee Rivers.  We’re spoiled with our nice little motor boat.  The truck had no trouble at all pulling it and launching at the City Park there.  Nice facilities.
   On Friday the 13th, Gin had arthroscopic surgery on her right knee.  It will take some time to heal and several rounds of physical therapy before we know if it was worth it or not.  She has a good range of motion now but still has trouble straightening it.

Tidewater Tours Island Tours  Cindy, Gin, Jeanne ready for the tour
Waiting for the tour to start                      Nice boat with Cindy, Gin, and Jeanne
Moored at CK    Moored at CK
Moored near CK
Lighthouse on Atsena Otie Key  The other tour boat
Lighthouse on Atsena Otie Key                            The other tour boat
Lots of birds  Dolphin playing in the wake
Lots of birds on the island                                        Playful dolphin
CK from the water  CK pier from the water
Cedar Key from the water
CK from the water  CK condos from the water
Cedar Key from the water

Boat launch at Dunnellon City Park (Rainbow and Withlacoochee Rivers)  Road right next to the launch
Boat launch in Dunnellon with a bridge right beside it
Turtles on a log  Turtles on a log
We saw lots of turtles on logs…
Night heron  Alligator and great blue heron
Night heron…                                          Alligator and great blue heron…
Coots on the river  Sandhill Crane along the river
Coots and…                                                      Sandhill crane
On the Rainbow River  Withlacoochee River
On the Rainbow River                                and the Withlacoochee River

     April:  Our last month here and we stayed busy.  Along with Dan, Tricia, Vel and Maggie, we went boating on the Silver River to see the monkeys.  We launched at Ray’s Wayside Park which has nice facilities and rode all the way to the head springs (about 5 miles).  It was a long day but we enjoy the jungle setting of this river.  Dan had fixed a pvc pipe and hooked it to his boat that V&M could attach their kayaks to so that they didn’t have to paddle upstream.  Very nice.
   Many people began leaving CKRV to head north for the summer.  We stayed so that Gin could do her physical therapy and get clearance from the doctor.  I changed out some plants that didn’t like the frost of winter here.  I planted a couple of abelia and pittosporum.  We went into CK to check on the owl’s nest at the cemetery a few times.  Two fuzzy owlets peeked at us from high up in the pine tree.
   While Gin enjoyed a little relaxing down time, I treated myself to an outing at Cedar Lakes Woods & Gardens near Williston for a grand opening weekend.  This place is a hundred year old rock quarry that a retired dentist designed and built basically by himself.  Many rocks were set with concrete to make winding walkways with tropical plants all around.  There are several bridges over the water and many waterfalls creating a very relaxing atmosphere.  Ray Webber built a small house and deck overlooking his beautiful gardens.  This was the first year that the grounds were opened to the public.

Ray's Wayside Park in Silver Springs  Ray's Wayside Park in Silver Springs
Ray’s Wayside Park
Maggie and Vel tagging along with D and T  Tag along
Hitch hikers… so much easier
Tree obstacle  Tree obstacle
Tree obstacle
Boats at the head waters  Glass bottom boat
Glass bottom boats at the head waters
Park at the head waters  Monkey!
Park at the head waters                          Monkey in the trees!
Night heron Along the Silver River Along the Silver River
Birds along the Silver River

Owl's nest  Two owlets watching us
Owlets in Cedar Key

Overlooking the lower level  Overlooking the lower level
Overlooking the lower level of Cedar Lakes Woods & Gardens
Quiet respite  Beautiful plants right by the walkway
Around the Gardens
Cascade of waterfalls  Looking up at Ray's house
Several waterfalls
Water everywhere  Swans
Water everywhere