Sunday, December 23, 2012

Lazy Days Crown Club, Seffner, FL

Date of Stay:  Monday November 26 - Sunday December 23, 2012 (27 nights)

Rate:  Included with purchase of Tawanda

Website:  Lazy Days
   6130 Lazy Days Blvd
   Seffner, FL 33584
   800-350-6728 (service)

Description:  Reviewed earlier here.

Activities:  We have come back to the dealership once again for some warranty work.  One of the main things that needed attention was the fact that several of our ceramic tiles were getting cracked and even gouged by the slide outs.  Winnebago and Lazy Days came up with the solution of replacing the slide rollers with redesigned ones.  Other models like ours have had similar problems.  The driver’s side slide has already been propped out and the rollers replaced.  Now it was time for the passenger side slide.  We didn’t know that it was going to be almost taken apart.  The Crown Club is a very social place to pass the time while we wait.  We have met many nice people here, both workers and customers.  We met Tony and Jill this time who have two cute little dogs.  They even gave us Christmas stockings!

Open house!  Open house
Open house!!

Our home exposed!  Exposed! 
They did put a sheet up at night.  Glad it wasn’t very cold out.  Gin is peeking in.

Jill at Lazy Days  Puppy fix!
Jill and her dog                                          I just had to get my puppy fix!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Rainbow Springs State Park, Dunnellon, FL

Date of Stay:  Friday November 16 - Monday November 26, 2012 (10 nights)

Rate:  $16/night (Gin’s disabled FL resident discount)

Website:  Rainbow Springs State Park (FL)
   18185 SW 94th Street
   Dunnellon, FL 34432

Description:  Paved roadways with sand/pea gravel parking pads.  Newly renovated so all sites are 50A FHU.  Laundry in the bathhouses.  We stayed on site 31 which is a pull-thru.  Nice paved tram road for morning walks and bike riding.  The tram only runs during the summer when tubing in Rainbow River is popular.  Nature trails and canoe launch onto the Rainbow River which is spring fed keeping it at a constant 72* year round.  Crystal clear water in the river.  The other side of the river is private homes but the State owns the Headsprings Park which was a private attraction during the 1930’s-1970’s.  The waterfalls there are man-made but still beautiful and jungle-like. Notice: the address for the campground is different than the one on the State’s website.  I have given the correct one on 94th Street.  Our site 31 and 3 are both pull-thrus that can handle any size rig.  We also like sites 8, 9, 10, 11, 14, 16, 18, 21, and 22 which are all back-ins.  Site 15 is a nice handicap accessible site.

Activities:  We enjoyed biking around and actually saw our first Gopher Tortoise munching on grass on the edge of the ditch on the tram road.  We also had our first close encounter with an armadillo when one stood up and crossed the sidewalk in front of us leading to the boat ramp.  We went to the Headsprings Park and enjoyed the lush jungle atmosphere.  We met a woman that swims in the headsprings every day.  That’s cold water!  We took the SeaEagle out a couple of times, first time up to the headsprings and later, down stream some.  Gin said that it was like floating on an aquarium.  The State owns one side of the river and there are homes on the other side.  Several people were on personal pontoon boats.  I think the motors are limited to 10 hp so they were respectfully slow and not all that loud.

Trash and Recycle:  Dumpster near the office building and a can for aluminum cans only at the office.

Pull thru site 31 at Rainbow Springs  Pull thru site 31 at Rainbow Springs
Site 31 at Rainbow Springs
Typical site at Rainbow Springs State Park-FL  Office at Rainbow Springs State Park
 Typical site                                        Office
Gin at the Headsprings Park of Rainbow Springs Headsprings Park of Rainbow River
Gin at the Headsprings Park of Rainbow Springs Seminole Falls at Headsprings Park Rainbow Falls at the Headsprings Park
Enjoying the waterfalls at the Headsprings Park

 Turtles sunning on the Rainbow River  P1000649
Cormorant drying his wings at Rainbow River  P1000669
Wildlife along the Rainbow River

Rainbow River headsprings  Rainbow River headsprings
Floating on an aquarium                             Our shadows

Armadillo at Rainbow Springs  Armadillo at Rainbow Springs

Friday, November 16, 2012

Crooked River State Park, St. Mary’s, GA

Date of Stay:  Tuesday November 13 - Friday November 16, 2012 (3 nights)

Rate:  $30/night

Website:  Crooked River State Park (GA)
   6222 Charlie Smith Sr, Hwy.
   St. Mary’s, GA 31558

Description:  Reviewed earlier here.

Activities:  Since it wasn’t raining this time, we enjoyed riding our bikes around and walking some trails.  We stayed in the newer section again but on site 59 this time.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Huntington Beach State Park, Murrells Inlet, SC

Date of Stay:  Monday October 29 - Tuesday November 13, 2012 (15 nights)

Rate: $32/night

Website:  Huntington Beach State Park (SC)
   16148 Ocean Hwy
   Murrells Inlet, SC 29576

Description:  We have camped here many times before.  Just south of Myrtle Beach but very natural ocean front setting.  Nice nature center, hiking trails, undeveloped beach, Atalaya Castle and paved bike path next to Hwy 17.  Paved roads with sand/gravel/grass parking pads.  Most sites are water and 30A electric while there are a few FHU sites.  We stayed on site 19.  The causeway leading to the campground always has beautiful migratory birds this time of year and an occasional alligator.  I could sit for hours just watching them.  The paved bike path is a great place to ride through the woods.  All this and it’s right on the ocean!

Activities:  Lots to do here!  We came here to join several friends for the Second Carolina Clan Gathering.  We all met each other at an RV-Dreams Rally.  It is a great bunch of folks and we had a great week!  Many of us have SeaEagle kayaks and we went to a local boat launch and spent the day on the Waccamaw River Intracoastal Waterway.  Since this was such a big group of folks (about 40), many people did their own things during the day, going out for lunch with other couples, going hiking together or things like that before getting together for a campfire every night.  Our second week here was much quieter since most folks went their separate ways with smiles on their faces. 

Trash and Recycle:  Dumpsters at the exit near the dump station.  Full service recycle bin there also.

Huntington Beach State Park site #19  Huntington Beach State Park site #19
Causeway going to the cg at Huntington Beach
Causeway to the park

Campfire at Huntington Beach SP-Murrells Inlet SC  P1000638
Carolina Clan 11-2012  named carolina clan 11-2012
Campfires and the Carolina Clan… smiles all around!

Rick, Gail, Syl and Gin at the boat ramp  Paul, Marti, Laurie, George, Mike and Teri enjoying their SeaEagles
Bruce, Laura, Gin, Syl, Dan, Tricia, George and Laurie  Carolina Clan enjoying the day on the water
Beautiful day on the Waccamaw River Intracoastal Waterway

Great Blue Heron  Egret
Face off! Big aligator basking in the sun on the causeway Face off!
Pelican island  Pelican resting
Wildlife at the Causeway

Monday, October 29, 2012

Walkabout Camp and RV Park, Woodbine, GA

Date of Stay:  Sunday October 28, 2012 (1 night)

Rate:  $18/night (PPA discount)

Website:  Walkabout Camp and RV Park
   742 Old Still Road
   Woodbine, GA 31569

Description:  Reviewed earlier here.

Activities:  Good place for a stopover along I-95 near the Florida border.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Lazy Days Crown Club, Seffner, FL

Date of Stay:  Sunday September 30 - Sunday October 28, 2012 (28 nights)

Rate:  Included with purchase of Tawanda

Website:  Lazy Days
   6130 Lazy Days Blvd
   Seffner, FL 33584
   800-350-6728 (service)

Description:  Reviewed earlier here.

Activities:  We were here for some more warranty work along with the yearly maintenance.  Nancy and Bill joined us while their Baby was being serviced here also.  Along with hanging out in the lounge doing puzzles, we all went on a few adventures together.  We had a nice day at Lettuce Lake Park which is a local park in Tampa.  We also spent a day on the Hillsborough River in our SeaEagles.  It turned out to be a little longer than we thought, but it was still a pleasant day on the water.  We also went to Honeymoon Island State Park to relax on the shore of the Gulf Coast.  Another day trip was checking out Fort DeSoto Park which is a very nice county park that has camping and beaches.  We also became Florida residents!  As long as we are in the area and still members of the Crown Club, we plan to have our service work done here.

at Lettuce Lake Park in Tampa  Gator at Lettuce Lake Park in Tampa FL
Nancy and Bill at Lettuce Lake Park  Lettuce Lake Park in Tampa
Nancy and Bill at Lettuce Lake Park

Sunning on the Hillsborough River  Nancy and Bill on the Hillsborough River
Paddling the Hillsborough River

Gin at Honeymoon Island SP-St Petersburg skyline  Relaxing at Honeymoon Island State Park near Tampa
Enjoying Honeymoon Island State Park