Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Moosehead Family Campground, Greenville, ME

Date of Stay:  Wednesday July 31 - Wednesday August 7, 2013 (7 nights)

Rate:  $244/week

Website:  Moosehead Family Campground
   312 Moosehead Lake Road (Rt 15)
   Greenville, ME 04441

Description:  Gravel roads with old gravel sites.  Water/electric(30A) with weekly honey wagon included and dump station on site.  We had pull thru site 12 which was wooded so no tv (no local tv either).  Site 9 might work for dish.  Rustic bathhouse with pit toilets.  We were parked next to Dan and Tricia and met Rod and Tammy who were staying here also.

Activities:  You have to drive some distance here but we all hiked a bit and drove some back roads to find moose.  We had two sightings but no pics since there were so many trees.  I hiked up Mount Kineo with D and T using Indian Trail to get to the fire tower for some beautiful views.  We had to ride a pontoon ferry boat to get there.  Another easy hike was to the B52 Memorial Site on Elephant Mountain.  A B52 bomber crashed there in January of 1963 while doing training maneuvers.  The town of Greenville has preserved the site and wreckage in honor of the victims.  It is a very somber site.  Another hike that we all took together was to Moxie Falls.  Some of the most fun is just driving down the rocky timber roads to get to these places.  Many ATV’s also use those roads.  Another day trip I took with Rod, Tammy, Tricia and Dan was to Breakneck Ridge Farm which raised buffalo.  I bought some ground meat so we could enjoy buffalo burgers later.  The town of Greenville is right on Moosehead Lake and is just the right amount of tourist/shopping and small town Maine to fit us.  There’s a couple of museums and the Steamship Katahdin that cruises the lake.  Just a couple miles from the cg is Indian Hill Trading Post and Supermarket which has everything you could possibly want.
About midway through the week, I developed a bad toothache and knew that I had an abscess.  We had planned to travel some more in the New England area but we decided to head down to NC so my brother could work on my teeth.

Trash and Recycle:  There are several trash barrels throughout the cg.  There are also 3-4 recycle barrels that take plastic, cans and glass.

Entry sign on Rt 15
Site 12  Moosehead CG site 12
Moosehead Family Campground site 12

Mount Kineo  Trail beside Moosehead Lake
Mount Kineo
Beautiful views!  Moosehead Lake from the Mount Kineo hike
Beautiful views of Moosehead Lake
Dan and Tricia in firetower atop Mount Kineo  Syl and Tricia in firetower atop Mount Kineo
Dan and Tricia from the fire tower                Me and T “No Hands!”

Roadside moose sign  Moose poop
Sign for moose and sign of moose (poop)

Nice trail up to the B52 Memorial Site  IMG_1966
Trail leading to the B52 crash site
B52 fuselage  Tammy and Tricia at the B52 fuselage
Very somber
IMG_1968  Gin and Pam at the B52 site
Puts things in perspective

Moxie Falls Pam, Gin and Syl at Moxie Falls Tricia at Moxie Falls
Moxie Falls                           Pam, Gin and Syl                                     Tricia

Tammy and Dan picking wild roadside raspberries  Next generation
Tammy and Dan pick wild raspberries on the roadside and buffalo at Breakneck Ridge Farm

Katahdin Steamship  Seaplanes on Moosehead Lake
Steamboat Katahdin and seaplanes in Greenville

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  1. Nice recap of Moosehead CG. Such a quaint area...would definitely love to go back!