Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Tom Johnson Camping Center Rally Park, Marion, NC

Date of Stay:  Saturday May 23 – Tuesday June 2, 2015 (10 nights)

Rate:  $25/night (rally rate) and $27/night (regular rate for two nights)

Website:  Tom Johnson Camping Center Rally Park
   373 Resistoflex Road
   Marion, NC 28752

Description:  The Rally Park is basically a field of nicely cut grass with gravel roads.  There are (50 A)FHU pedestals in the field for the sites.  Some sites are more level than others but all are flat enough.  The dealership is large and across a small creek from us.  The Catawba River borders it all.  Across the street is the service department and a separate campground for the dealership.  The Rally Park is large enough so that the 60 rigs here used every other site for space and there were still several vacant spots.  There is an open pavilion and large community campfire ring for rally events.  Tawanda spent a day in the service department since our “check engine” light came on about 30 miles before our arrival (fuel filter change).

Trash and Recycle:  Leave your trash bag out in the morning and they will pick it up.  No recycle.

Activities:  The first ever RV-Dreams Reunion Rally was held here and we signed up fairly early for eight days of good times with RV friends from the past RV-Dreams rallies hosted by Howard and Linda Payne.  We met up with Tricia and Dan at a nearby rest area so we could arrive and park together.  Bill and Nancy, Bruce and Laura, Gail and Rick were already there.  Many of the people we had met at the Spring 2014 rally were there (Pat and Bridget, Red and Pam, Tracy and Lee among others) along with several others from the 2010 rally (Roger and Diane, Jim and Dee, Mike and Terri, Jim and Linda, Denny and Char, Jim and Pat… Miss Alfie).  There were several catered meals, a potluck dinner, and a game day organized by H&L plus many events that had to be preregistered for such as wine tours, foodie tours and white water tours.  I actually signed up for zip lining even though I’m uncomfortable with heights.  It was great to just hang out with all these wonderful folks too.  Gin and I took a nice ride along the Blue Ridge Parkway up to the Linn Cove Viaduct.  I joined a group of about 20 folks for a hike to Linville Falls along the BRP and then D&T, B&N and I hiked the Viaduct Trail under and around the viaduct.  Very nice.

Us between D&T and Laura and Bruce  D&T, us, Bruce and Laura, Rick and Gail...
Parked next to D&T, B&L and G&R
Buddies share patios  Pat visits with Gin and T&D
Empty space between us made for a nice buddy patio
Tom Johnson Service Center  Tom Johnson CG at the Service Center
Tom Johnson Service Center and their other campground
Dinner at the Pavillion  Dinner at the Pavillion
Dinner at the Pavilion
David in the Frisbee relay  Nancy in the Frisbee relay
David and Nancy in the Frisbee relay
David, Tricia and Dan pass a hoola hoop around the circle  Water baloon relay
Hoola Hoop relay                                      Nancy at the water balloon relay
Water baloon relay  Water baloon relay
Water balloon relay
Mountain Laurel on the Blue Ridge Parkway  Rhododendron on the BRP
Mountain laurel and rhododendron along the BRP
Beautiful views  Short hike to a beautiful overlook from the BRP
Chestoa View  Chestoa view trail
Chestoa View Trail along the BRP
P1020848  P1020850  P1020851
Along the BRP  Grandfather Mountain
Views along the BRP
Grandfather Mountain  Linn Cove Viaduct on the BRP
Grandfather Mountain and the Linn Cove Viaduct
Ready to go Zipline!  Still alive on the platform!
Ready to go zip lining!                                  Still alive on the platform!
Bruce has done this before  Rick has installed cables before  James enjoys this stuff
Bruce, Rick and James were all very comfortable in the trees…
On a bridge in the trees!  Zippin'!  I'm a little nervous
Rope bridge in the trees        Zippin’ (guide took a picture of her feet)       I’m a bit nervous   

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