Monday, June 22, 2015

Bulltown CG (Burnsville Lake COE), Napier, WV

Date of Stay:  Friday June 12 – Monday June 22, 2015 (10 nights)

Rate:  $15/night (Access Pass discount)

Website:  Bulltown CG
   1183 Bulltown Campground Road (use coordinates 38*47’45.8”N, 80*34’32.8”W)
   Napier, WV 26631

Description:  All roads are paved and sites and pads are gravel.  Loops A and B are older with heavy tree cover and only have 30A electric.  Loops C, D, E and F are much newer and have FHU 50A.  We stayed on site F4.  This is a large campground on a sizeable mountain lake.  Many locals bring their boats here for the weekend.  Absolutely NO Verizon cellphone signal so we had no phone or internet.  The newer loops are quite open with not much privacy.  At the entry to the CG is the Bulltown Historic Area.  Several old log homes were moved here when the lake was made in the 1970’s.  They were originally built in the 1800’s using old growth trees so the logs are about two feet thick.  A Civil War battle also occurred here mainly to get control of the Weston and Gauley Bridge Turnpike.  It was a 110 mile long North/South roadway built by private funds in the 1850’s long before the US highway system was begun.

Trash and Recycle:  Each loop has a dumpster near the bathhouse.  No recycle.

Activities:  This campground is off the beaten path.  I enjoyed checking out the Historic Area while Gin tried to stay cool.  Our AC ran just about all day since the front unit was not working.  This was a good place to just relax although it does get busy on the weekends.

On site F4  On site F4
On site F4

Loop D  Loop E
Loops D and E

Playground in the campground  Another playground
Couple of playgrounds in the campground

Bulltown Historic Area  Displays and artifacts
Bulltown Historic Area                   Displays and artifacts inside the Learning Center

Old Turnpike  Weston and Gauley Bridge Turnpike  Old Turnpike
Old Weston and Gauley Bridge Turnpike

Fleming House with half dovetail notching       Johnson House with cat and clay chimney
Fleming House with half dovetail notching         Johnson House with cat and clay chimney

Cunningham House  St Michael's Catholic Church made with yellow poplar
Cunningham House                                  St Michael’s Catholic Church

Wood stove  Dinner table
Wood stove and dinner table inside the Cunningham House

Inside the Cunningham House  Making a quilt
Inside the Cunningham House                            Making a quilt

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