Friday, June 12, 2015

Camping World, Roanoke, VA

Date of Stay:  Thursday June 11, 2015 (1 night)

Rate:  Service charge varies

Website: Camping World of Roanoke  
   8198 Gander Way
   Roanoke, VA 24019

Description:  Stayed outside the work bay with a water hose out to our water line and a 30A cord (with adaptor) out to our 50A shoreline.  Nice enough staff but we aren’t big fans of Camping World in general.

Activities:  I had called a day ahead to make an appointment (11:00) for them to check out our front air conditioner since it died on us in Bristol, TN.  They said that it needed replacement.  They thought they had one in stock but it wasn’t quite right since it didn’t have a heat pump.  They ordered one that is supposed to arrive there in a week.  The ladder they used beside our MH scraped our side in a couple of places so they did a quick touchup paint job.  By this time, it was 5:00 so they pulled the hookup out to us so we could stay the night.  With 30A, we could only run one AC so we turned on our generator for a couple of hours.  It was 98* inside so we needed to run two ACs to get it down to 80*.  Our MH has three units.  We chose Camping World because it was fairly close to our original route.  Since we were going to stay at our next stop for more than a week, it didn’t bother us too much that it was going to take a while for the new AC unit to arrive.  We wish they had been more careful with their ladder and not scratched our MH but they fixed it.  We’ll see how the installation goes on Monday (June 22).

Camping World  Camping World
Camping World work bays

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