Sunday, December 23, 2012

Lazy Days Crown Club, Seffner, FL

Date of Stay:  Monday November 26 - Sunday December 23, 2012 (27 nights)

Rate:  Included with purchase of Tawanda

Website:  Lazy Days
   6130 Lazy Days Blvd
   Seffner, FL 33584
   800-350-6728 (service)

Description:  Reviewed earlier here.

Activities:  We have come back to the dealership once again for some warranty work.  One of the main things that needed attention was the fact that several of our ceramic tiles were getting cracked and even gouged by the slide outs.  Winnebago and Lazy Days came up with the solution of replacing the slide rollers with redesigned ones.  Other models like ours have had similar problems.  The driver’s side slide has already been propped out and the rollers replaced.  Now it was time for the passenger side slide.  We didn’t know that it was going to be almost taken apart.  The Crown Club is a very social place to pass the time while we wait.  We have met many nice people here, both workers and customers.  We met Tony and Jill this time who have two cute little dogs.  They even gave us Christmas stockings!

Open house!  Open house
Open house!!

Our home exposed!  Exposed! 
They did put a sheet up at night.  Glad it wasn’t very cold out.  Gin is peeking in.

Jill at Lazy Days  Puppy fix!
Jill and her dog                                          I just had to get my puppy fix!