Friday, August 7, 2015

Sunset Point RV Park, Lubec, ME

Date of Stay:  Friday July 31 – Friday August 7, 2015 ( 7 nights)

Rate:  $210/week

Website:  Sunset Point RV Park
   37 Sunset Road
   Lubec, ME 04652

Description:  Small campground right on the water with gravel roads and grass sites.  Very narrow sites so no space for the patio awning.  Water/electric (50A) with honey wagon service for $10 or borrow their blue boy all you want.  We stayed on site 9 next to T&D.  They offer a reasonable monthly rate and it includes honey wagon service in the price. I used their very clean bathhouse for showers and their very clean laundry to wash clothes and had no problem lasting the week on our tanks.  Quite windy here since there are no trees.  Interesting to watch the tides change and stroll along the cobblestone shore at low tide.  Verizon doesn’t work here since it is so close to Canada.

Trash and Recycle:  Dumpster at the dump station near the office with a couple of bins for ME returnable cans and bottles.

Activities:  Lubec is the eastern most town in the US so the sunrise is very early.  Campobello Island, New Brunswick Canada is just across the FDR International Bridge and is in a different time zone.  We drove over there a couple of times to check out the Roosevelt Summer Cottage at the International Park and to hike some of the trails there including timing the tide right to go to East Quoddy Head Light.  We all enjoyed “Tea with Eleanor” at the Hubbard Cottage and the beautiful views from Liberty Point.  On the US side, we all enjoyed time at Quoddy Head State Park, checking out the little town of Lubec, riding over to Eastport and finding Reversing Falls which was quite amazing.  It takes a few hours of watching it to get the full effect.  I joined T&D for hikes on Campobello Island, Quoddy Head State Park and nearby Klondike Mountain where we picked more blueberries for a delicious pie.  I really liked the quiet here after the busy Bar Harbor area but the lack of phone and our internet makes longer stays out of the question.  The constant wind got on my nerves after a while too.

Office at Sunset Point RV Park  On site 9 next to T&D
Office at Sunset Point RV                            We’re on site 9
Sites are close  Our patio... not enough room for the awning
Good to know your neighbors when the sites are this close
View from the back of site 9  Sunset from site 9
View from the back of our site and sunset from the front

West Quoddy Head Light  West Quoddy Head Light
West Quoddy Head Light
Maine's rocky coast at Quoddy Head SP  Love this place
D&T look for just the right rock at the State Park  Nice views on the Coastal Trail at Quoddy Head SP
Dan loves the rocks  Wave action
Starts as a nice trail  Along the Coastal Trail  Dan's so nice
Views along the Coastal Trail at Quoddy Head State Park

Downtown Lubec, ME  Lobster boats
Downtown Lubec, ME                                 Lobster boats

Seals on an island  Seal

Visitor Center at Campobello International Park  Roosevelt Cottage at Campobello (FDR and Eieanor)
              Visitor Center at Campobello International Park                 Roosevelt Cottage
Butler's Pantry  Kitchen
Inside Roosevelt Cottage  Inside Roosevelt Cottage
Inside Roosevelt Cottage  Inside Roosevelt Cottage
Inside Roosevelt Cottage  Bathroom in Roosevelt Cottage
Inside Roosevelt Cottage
Hubbard Cottage for Tea with Eleanor  Hubbard Cottage
Inside Hubbard Cottage  Inside Hubbard Cottage
Hubbard Cottage

Gin at Liberty Point on C Island  Gin at Liberty Point C Island
Gin enjoys the views from Liberty Point on Campobello Island
Us at Liberty Point C Island  Looking at West Quoddy Head from Liberty Point C Island
Us at Liberty Point                                   Looking at West Quoddy Head

Bald Eagle at Mulholland Point Mulholland Point Light Bald Eagle at Mulholland Point on CI
This Bald Eagle liked to hang out at the Mulholland Point Light

East Quoddy Head Light  Lots of seaweed
East Quoddy Head Light, can only hike there at low tide
Under the sea walk to East Quoddy Head LightD&T walking up from the sea floorTricia going down the scary stairs at East Quoddy Head Light
The hike is on the sea floor
Scary staircase  Going up the scary staircase with Tricia
Scary leaning staircase
East Quoddy Head Light  Bull kelp and bladderwrack seaweed on the sea floor
Isolated East Quoddy Light          Bull kelp and Bladderwrack seaweed at least 15’ under the sea

Reversing Falls  Reversing Falls
Reversing Falls
Heart shaped cobblestone for Gin
Heart shaped cobblestone for Gin


  1. Beautiful area but agree that the wind is wicked! Great photos. Loved the hike on the sea floor!

  2. Loved exploring this area but would never stay longer than a week. Great to see you all though! :)