Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Stony Fork Campground (Thomas Jefferson National Forest), Wytheville, VA

Date of Stay:  Friday August 8 – Wednesday August 13, 2014 (5 nights)

Rate:  $14/night (Access Pass discount)

Website:  Stony Fork Campground
   109 Krenning Road (use coordinates 37*0’35”N, 81*10’54”W but look for directional signs as you exit I-77)
   Wytheville, VA 24382

Description:  This National Forest CG is located only 4 miles from I-77 (left from exit 47) and has paved roads and sites.  About half of the 50 sites don’t have facilities but about a dozen have W/E (30A) while the other dozen have just electric hookup.  We had site 11 which was electric only (30A).  We knew this ahead of time so our fresh water tank was full.  Luckily, we got sat dish tv reception in this wooded environment.  The tree branches along the road in the cg could use a good trim in a couple of places.

Activities:  It rained some every day we were here!  I did manage to walk the mile long Nature Trail in the cg with D&T one day even though it was still wet.  We had planned to hike the nearby Seven Sisters Trail and bike/shuttle the Virginia Creeper Trail about an hour away, but the weather just didn’t cooperate.  Hope we can return here sometime next year.  Wytheville is about 10 miles away and has all the big box stores needed.

Trash and Recycle:  There are a couple of dumpsters located within the cg but no recycle.

Hidden in site 11  Stony Fork CG site 11
Hidden in site 11                                               Site 11

East Fork of Stony Fork Creek in the cg  East Fork of the Stony Fork Creek in the cg
East Fork of the Stony Fork Creek that wanders through the campground

D&T under rhododendron canapy on the Nature Trail  Seven Sisters Trail of of the Nature Trail
D&T on the Nature Trail                         Nature Trail junction with Seven Sisters Trail
D&T under rhododendron canapy on the Nature Trail  D&T on the Nature Trail
Rhododendron canopy on the Nature Trail                               D&T enjoying the trail


  1. Beautiful pictures of the campground. Sorry the weather didn't cooperate for your Virginia Creeper ride. It's great to ride DOWN, up, not so much. :-)

  2. Sorry it rained on your parade, but thanks for the campground tip. We'll be coming back to NC that way. That cg might work a couple days.

  3. So sorry the weather did not cooperate...we had same issue in Hunstville... rain, rain, rain;o)) But I hoping you are enjoying beautiful weather at the lake right now!!

  4. You were right down the road from us, we're at Ft. Chiswell. We plan to ride the Creeper Trail next week. You're right, the weather that weekend was rather damp.