Monday, August 4, 2014

Beacon Hill Camping, Intercourse, PA

Date of Stay:  Monday July 21 – Monday August 4, 2014 (2 weeks)

Rate:  $246/week

Website:  Beacon Hill Camping
   128 Beacon Hill Road
   Intercourse, PA 17534

Description:  Adult only camping located about a half mile from the small Amish town of Intercourse.  We were in the lower tier of this hillside cg in site 31 next to D&T.  The office/bathhouse is in the older, upper tier which is not really suited for big rigs.  Gravel roadways and sites with FHU (50A).  Our two sites had nice wood deck patios facing the road and we could hear the clip-clop of the horse and buggies throughout the day.  Nice grassy areas and big shade trees.

Activities:  I think we tried to eat our way through this area.  The fresh baked goods and farm fresh produce of the Amish/Mennonites is notoriously delicious.  Some of the places that we visited in the area were Kauffman’s Fruit Farm and Market for unique groceries and Good’s Store (Amish WalMart) for heavy vinyl picnic table material.  Stoltzfus Meats had lean meats.  We bought hamburger, grilling sausages, chicken wings and many goodies there.  We also went to Bird in Hand Bakery and Bird in Hand Markets.  Intercourse Canning has many good jams, salsas and other treats.  One tour we took was the Mascot Roller Mills and Ressler Family Home.  The mill was built in the 1730’s and operated until 1977.  The Ressler family created an educational foundation to preserve the family property.  While riding through the rolling farmland, we saw a few circus tents together with a sign for Family Farm Days for the Amish/Mennonites in the community.  We happened to ride by while the festivities were going on.  The four of us later traveled to nearby Manheim to visit Neil and Nancy.  The rolling hills of the beautiful farmland was just so peaceful.  Maybe there is something to be said for the slower pace of life in Amish Country.  We spent an afternoon in the cute little town of Lititz and toured the Sturgis Pretzel Bakery and then the Wilbur Chocolate Factory.  To get away from the tourist crowd, we all rode the Enola Low Grade Rail Trail right along the Susquehanna River.  Did some geocaching there too.

Trash and Recycle:  Dumpster centrally located in the cg along with intermingled recycle bins that take everything.

Site 31  Site 31
Site 31
Farmland beside the cg  Site 31 with D&T on site 30
Farmland beside the cg                            D&T on site 30 and us on site31
Overlook Garden at the cg on upper level  Office/bathhouse on upper level
Overlook Garden and office/bathhouse both on the upper tier of the cg

Mascot Roller Mills  Ressler Family Home next to the Mill
Mascot Roller Mills and the Ressler Family Home right next door to the Mill
Mascot Roller Mills  Mascot Roller Mills
Inside the Mill

Beautiful!  Beautiful countryside
Beautiful countryside!
Myer Homestead Cemetery  P1020229
Myer Homestead Cemetery (Amish/Mennonite)

Family Farm Days  Traffic at the Family Farm Days
Family Farm Days and the local traffic there

Cute bunnies for sell  Tricia and Gin relaxing
Tricia and Gin feeding the fish and ducks  Gin feeding the fish and ducks
Hanging out at the shop across the road from the campground

Intercourse formerly Cross Keys  Beautiful countryside
Intercourse (formally Cross Keys)                     More beautiful countryside

Ovens at Sturgis Pretzel  Old equipment at Sturgis Pretzel
Sturgis Pretzel ovens and old equipment
Smells like chocolate  Smells like chocolate!
Wilbur Chocolate  Wilbur Chocolate
Wilbur Chocolate… smells like chocolate!
Cute park in Lititz  Cute park in Lititz
Cute park in Lititz

Enola Low Grade Trail  Caboose
Caboose  Caboose
Caboose on the Enola Low Grade Trail
Susquehanna  Susquehanna
Susquehanna River along side the Enola Low Grade Trail
Power plant on the Susquehanna  Power plant on the Susquehanna
Power plant on the Susquehanna
Along the trail  Along the trail
Couple of streams on the other side of the trail

Beautiful!  Beautiful!
Beautiful!  Beautiful!
More beautiful farmland!

Beautiful!  Amish transportation
Amish transportation  Amish transportation
Amish/Mennonite transportation along country roads
Amish transportation  Amish transportation
Amish transportation  Amish transportation
P1020297  P1020293
Amish/Mennonite transportation on the roads around the campground


  1. Hey I remember that place! We were in site 32 :)

  2. Love, Love, Love the Amish Country:o)) Looks like you really got to see a lot of it!! Clip clop is such a neat sound;o))

  3. One of our favorite places. Many fond memories of food and fun there. We tried to stay at Beacon Hill last fall, was all booked up :-(. Glad we got to see what it looks like through your stay.

  4. I used to travel to this area a lot for work. Wilbur's chocolate is the best but dangerous! Love the area.

  5. OK...added to our long list of places not to be missed. Love the group caboose picture too.

  6. Looks like you had a great time. All that food sure does sound good.