Sunday, July 6, 2014

Tompkins CG (Cowanesque Lake COE), Lawrenceville, PA

Date of Stay:  Sunday June 22 – Sunday July 6, 2014 (2 weeks)

Rate:  $16/night during first week (Access Pass Discount… W/E)
          $17/night during second week(Access Pass Discount…W/E/S)

Website:  Tompkins CG
   1680 Bliss Road (use coordinates 41*58’51” N, 77*11’22” W)
   Lawrenceville, PA 16949

Description:  Just off US 15 at the New York border.  All roads and parking pads are paved.  The sites are closer together than most other COE parks where we’ve stayed.  We stayed in the Bench Loop which is very busy since it is waterfront.  Our first week, we were on site 54 (W/E 50A) and waterfront.  Our second week, we stayed on site 44 (FHU 50A) right across from the seldom used playground.  Quite wooded here but we managed to get satellite TV.  No Verizon phone service and very slow internet with a booster.

Activities:  This area is pretty with rolling hills all around so we enjoyed a couple of scenic drives.  About an hour away is the Pine Creek Rail Trail in the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon.  We met Dan and Tricia there for a nice 18.5 mile bike ride in the Gorge beside Pine Creek.  We started at Darling Run, had lunch in the nice picnic area at Tiadaghton, pedaled about a mile or so further then turned around to go back up hill to the parking lot.  On our way back to the lot, we saw a black bear and also stopped for a walk at Turkey Path to see the Falls.  Back at the campground, I took advantage of the shade by washing and waxing Tawanda using The Solution and Technician’s Choice Micro Glaze Swirl Remover.  We’re only a few miles from Corning, NY so we spent a day there at the Corning Museum of Glass.  There were many displays of glass art and history dating back 3500 years.  We preferred the more modern times and art, but our favorite was the glassblowing demonstration.

Trash and Recycle:  Dumpsters and Recycle near the dump station.  They accept aluminum cans, glass, plastic bottles and metal cans.

Beside the Susquehanna River on Hwy 15  Cowanesque Lake
Driving beside the Susquehanna River on US 15 to arrive at Cowanesque Lake
Site 54 Tompkins CG  Patio at site 54 Tomkins CG
Site 54                                                   Patio of site 54
Looking towards the dam from site 54 waterfront  Waterfront site 54
Morning smoothness on Cowanesque Lake from site 54
Site 44 Tompkins CG  Patio of site 44 Tompkins CG
Site 44                                                 Patio of site 44

Tricia and Gin on the Pine Creek Rail Trail  Gin and Dan on the Pine Creek Rail Trail
Riding the Pine Creek Rail Trail
Darling Run  Gin pumping water
From Darling Run to pumping water at Tiadaghton
Picnic break!  Nice picnic area on Pine Creek
Nice picnic area beside Pine Creek at Tiadaghton
Turkey Path  Turkey Path  Turkey Path Falls
Turkey Path to the Falls
Gin, Syl, Tricia and Dan at Turkey Path  Gin and Syl at Turkey Path Falls
Gin, Syl, Tricia and Dan at Turkey Path           Gin and Syl at Turkey Path Falls

Two hearts at Corning MoG  Corning MoG  P1010800
Two hearts and other artwork at Corning MoG
P1010801  P1010802
Artwork at Corning MoG
Chess set at Corning MoG  P1010804
Chess set and vases at MoG
P1010805  P1010808
Beautiful glasswork
P1010814  P1010813
P1010816  P1010817
Glassblowing at Corning MoG


  1. Looks like a very peace COE. Nice that you could meet D&T for such a pretty bike ride. Never knew that bike path was in PA. But of course, that was many, many, many years ago that we lived there;o)) We also thought watching them make the larger glass pieces at the Corning Muesum was the best part!! Safe Travels and Happy Trails...

  2. Looks like you guys are having a great summer! I'm continually amazed at all of the places to explore and visit, seems endless.

  3. What a treat to visit the Corning Glass Museum, it's one of our favorites. Years ago, Ronnie and I took their glass-blowing class. We wish you both safe travels.