Friday, July 11, 2014

Sampson State Park, Romulus, NY

Date of Stay:  Sunday July 6 – Friday July 11, 2014 (5 nights)

Rate:  $28/night

Website:  Sampson State Park (NY)
   6096 Route 96A
   Romulus, NY 14541

Description:  Large NY State Park on the eastern shore of Seneca Lake.  This was once a military base so there are quite a few miles of paved roads here.  It was a Naval training facility during WWII and then an Air Force base during the Korean War.  There is a Military History Museum that uses the old Brig building in the Park.  We stayed on site 33 next to Charlie and Dot.  Dan and Tricia were next to them and Doug and Darlene were across from D&T.  There are 5 shaded loops with 30A electric only sites which are gravel with mostly gravel roadways.  The electric pedestal is shared by two sites so you will need a 30A extension.  Gin was able to use a cheater to give a little more juice.  Each loop has a bathhouse.  Fill your fresh water tank at the dump station near the entry. There is a 6th loop in an open field overlooking Seneca Lake but it doesn’t have any facilities.  There is also a marina and beach on the lake.

Activities:  It was great to get together with our friends over campfires and cocktails.  There’s a lot to do in the area and the park is a good place for bike riding and walking.  Unfortunately, Gin’s knee was bothering her so she stayed close to camp while I explored the area some with our friends.  Guess we will have to come back when she feels better.  I joined Charlie for a couple of beer tastings while Dot was the DD.  I joined D&T along with Doug at the very nicely done Military History Museum on site at Sampson SP.  Gin and I took a day trip to visit our Lazy Days friends, Jack and Donna.  They had a bad accident in April and totaled their MH.  Amazingly, they were not badly injured.  I joined D&T, D&D, C&D for a hike at Watkins Glen SP.  I just love all those beautiful waterfalls!  I finished out that day with a couple of wine tastings with Dot and Tricia while Charlie was the DD.

Trash and Recycle:  Dumpsters are located at the entry to each camping loop.  Also there is a sizable general recycle bin next to the dumpsters.

Sampson SP site 33  Sampson SP
Site 33
Tricia, Doug, Dan, Dot, Charlie and Gin (Darlene had stepped away)  Sunset at Sampson SP
Friends around the campfire                   Sunset at Sampson SP

Charlie and Dot at Wagner Valley Brewing Co  Wagner Valley Brewing Co beer tasting
Beer tasting at Wagner Valley Brewery
View from Wagner Valley Brewing Co  View from Wagner Valley Brewing Co
Beautiful views of Seneca Lake from Wagner Valley Brewery…
Swim beach at Sampson SP on Seneca Lake  Seneca Lake at Sampson SP
…and from Sampson SP

Military History Museum  Military History Museum
Military History Museum  Military History Museum
Displays outside the Military History Museum
Navy displays at Military History Museum  Air Force displays at Military History Museum
Navy displays                                          Air Force displays
Display at Military History Museum  Transform uniforms from Army Air Force olive drab to USAF Blues
Mess hall display                              Army Air Force transforms into US Air Force
Dentist chair at Military History Museum  Barber shop Air Force display at museum
Dentist chair in Navy displays                    Barber shop in Air Force displays
Working periscope in museum The Brig at the museum I like it!
Working periscope                                       The Brig                          This punishment might work

Waterfall at Watkins Glen Watkins Glen with Charlie, Tricia, Darlene, Doug, Dan and Dot Waterfall at Watkins Glen
Watkins Glen is a great place to hike with friends Charlie, Tricia, Darlene, Doug, Dan and Dot!
Watkins Glen  Central Cascade at Watkins Glen  Watkins Glen
I love this green gorge with all the waterfalls!

Hazlitt Vineyards  Hazlitt Vineyards
Hazlitt Vineyards... home of Red Cat
Tricia, Syl and Dot at Penguin Bay Winery  Tricia, Syl and Dot at Chocolate Lab Winery
Tricia, Syl and Dot at Penguin Bay and Chocolate Lab Wineries


  1. That is such a beautiful area of the country. Sounds like you're having a lot of fun :)

  2. Your hike to Watkins Glen looks so "cool". And your visits to the local wineries and the brewery look enjoyable as well. :+)

  3. We loved Sampson Lake SP and the surrounding area. Nice place to spend some time enjoying the company of good friends!!!