Thursday, June 8, 2017

Tanglewood Park Campground, Clemmons , NC

Date of Stay:  Thursday June 1 – Thursday June 8 2017 (7 nights)

Rate:  $33/night

Website:  Tanglewood Park CG
   4061 Clemmons Road (HQ address-follow signs to Tanglewood then campground)
   Clemmons, NC 27012

Description:  Reviewed several times in the past.  Located near Winston Salem, NC at exit 182 off of I-40, it is near many conveniences.  We stayed on level site 4 and surprisingly received sat tv through the mature tree canopy.  The roads and sites are paved although several sites are very unlevel.  They are all FHU (50A) with digital cable.  This is a very nice county park with many amenities but I really enjoy the 2 mile paved path in the woods.  There is an excellent dog park near the cg and an arboretum, golf course, swimming pool etc. in the park.

Trash and Recycle:  Dumpster in the back corner of the cg near the camphosts with recycle for cans and bottles.

Activities:  We planned on staying just a couple of nights here but the spring in our driver’s side slide topper broke when we arrived.  We contacted a mobile tech who helped take the material off so that we could travel again.  He also serviced our ac units.  It would take a week before the spring would arrive so we delayed getting it fixed until later in the summer.  We didn’t mind adding a few days here to decompress and enjoy watching the birds and squirrels eat the seed I put on the picnic table for them. I enjoyed taking several walks on the trail in the woods and Gin and I went to the arboretum one afternoon.  I absolutely love this area.  Unfortunately, Gin has gone numb on her left side and lost her taste buds for sweet.  MS can be strange. 

Our patio  On site 4
On site 4
Mowing the lawn  Deer like the cg too
This local stopped in at the cg often
Waiting for me to move  Two at a time
One squirrel…                                         two squirrels
She got fat  Squirrel bird food
Chow time!
Wrens enjoyed it too  Robin
Wrens enjoyed the seed but robins never ate any
Young male cardinal  Young male cardinal
This young male cardinal ate the seed from the ground…
Cardinals loved it  Hungry
…while the adult male ate from the table
Gin at the Arboretum  Very old wisteria vine
Gin checking out the wisteria vine at the arboretum
Organized gardens  Shade and small pond
Organized gardens              Bird feeding station
              Several organized gardens in the arboretum                             Bird feeding station
Childrens Garden  Spider web at Childrens Garden
Follow the yellow brick road  Veggie garden
The Children’s Garden is more whimsical

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