Thursday, July 14, 2016

Residence, Winnebago, IL

Date of Stay:  Tuesday July 12 – Thursday July 14, 2016 (2 nights)

Rate:  Love of good friendship

Website:  ???
   Winnebago, IL

Description:  Rolling hills of farmland in northern Illinois with lots of corn and soybeans around.  Shelly and Bob’s main farm house is 100 years old as well as one of the barns.  They had an addition done in 2008 along with building a “shed” to store their MH and throw parties.  Beautiful here but the people make it even more welcoming.

Activities:  We got here a couple of days early to help Shelly and Bob set up for a “Life is Great!” party.  Shelly’s 65th birthday will be in August and she is having a big blow out for 150 people.  They are super hosts and fun to be around.  Tricia and Gin kept teasing Bob about needing a few campsites at “BS Go Away CG”.

Long driveway and big barns  100 year old house and barn
Long driveway to beautifully maintained barns and house
Both rigs tucked in at BS Goaway CG  From Shelly and Bob's back yard
Our two rv’s are small compared to the barns
Parked at Bob and Shelly's  Manicured home and grounds
Wrap around porch to enjoy the nice breeze

P1040207  P1040206
One barn used to house Bob’s horses…
P1040204  P1040202
…while one houses some of his collection of old tractors      Love the huge old beams!

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