Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Warrior Creek CG (Kerr Scott Lake COE), Wilkesboro, NC

Date of Stay:  Tuesday May 2 – Tuesday June 7, 2016 (7 nights)

Rate:  $12/night (Access Pass discount)

Website:  Warrior Creek CG
   7658 W NC Highway 268
   Boomer, NC 28606

Description:  Reviewed earlier here.  Rolling hills and wooded.  Paved roadways with level W/E (50A) gravel sites.  We stayed in site 36 (pull thru) while T&D stayed in site 43.  About 60 campsites with 80% reservable.  Two dump stations, one good one near the middle of the park and one smaller one near the back.

Trash and Recycle:  Dumpster and intermingle recycle bin in the middle of the park.

Activities:  We met up with Tricia and Dan to start our summer travels.  While it rained a little every day, we still managed to have lots of fun.  We all went to Raffaldini Vineyards after having a fine deli sandwich for lunch at Shiloh General Store, an Amish store in Yadkin Valley.  We all enjoyed a relaxing day solving the world’s problems while Dan smoked some delicious ribs.  Another day was spent riding a bit of the Blue Ridge Parkway and shopping in Blowing Rock.  Tricia and I drove to nearby Glendale Springs and West Jefferson to see the churches of the frescoes painted by Ben Long.  Downtown West Jefferson is a quaint mountain town with active shops such as The Honey Hole and good cheeses at Ashe County Cheese Factory.  The two churches of the frescoes are beautiful Episcopal Churches still in use that were built in the very early 1900’s.  Holy Trinity in Glendale Springs had fallen to ruin from the mid 1940’s until 1980 when it was restored.  The fresco of “The Last Supper” was done at that time.  St Mary’s Church in West Jefferson has three frescoes, “Mary Great with Child”, “John the Baptist”, and “The Mystery of Faith” were all done in the mid 1970’s.  St Mary’s also has very beautiful stained glass windows.

On site 36 with T&D in background  On site 36
On site 36
On site 36  T&D on site43
Site 36                                                      Site 43

Four Pelicans at Mountain View Overlook  Gin with T&D at Mountain View Overlook
Nearby Mountain View Overlook
Amish goods at Shiloh General Store  Beautiful day at Raffaldidni's
Shiloh General Store                                  Raffaldini Vineyards
Inside Raffaldini's  View from Raffaldini's garden
Inside and outside at Raffaldidni’s

Ashe County Cheese Factory  Big milk tanks
Ashe County Cheese Factory in West Jefferson

Holy Trinity Episcopal Church in Glendale Springs NC  Holy Trinity Church
Holy Trinity Church in Glendale Springs NC
Moses and the Ten Commandments  At Holy Trinity Church
Moses                                               Outside Holy Trinity
Love the beams  The Last Supper
Beautiful old woodworking                            The Last Supper

St Mary's Episcopal Church in West Jefferson NC  St Mary's Church
St Mary’s Church in West Jefferson
In the entry  In the entry  In the entry
Stained glass in the entry
Mary with Child Christ's death and Resurrection John the Baptist
Mary Great with Child          The Mystery of Faith          John the Baptist
P1030942  P1030943  P1030944
P1030945  P1030946  P1030947
Each stained glass window tells a story
Frescoes at St Mary's Church
Dark wood but open church

Syl and Gin at Mountain View Overlook

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  1. It's good to hear from you and hoping you both are doing well. We love that area of the NC mountains.