Thursday, May 23, 2013

Gunter Hill CG (Catoma Loop) COE, Montgomery, AL

Date of Stay:  Thursday May 9 - Thursday May 23, 2013 (14 nights)

Rate:  $11/night (Access Pass discount)

Website:  Gunter Hill CG (Catoma Loop)
   561 Booth Road
   Montgomery, AL 36108

Description:  The Catoma Loop is only a couple of years old and is FHU 50A with paved roads, concrete parking pads and pea gravel patio.  Busy but quiet woods all around.  On the Alabama River Lakes with a boat ramp in the older Antioch Loop which is in need of updating.  Only water and electric there and better suited for smaller rigs.  We were on site 35 right across from the playground.  It is difficult to get the Catoma Loop to pop up on the Reserve America’s site.  No swimming here but nice place to rides bikes, relax and soak up the green.

Activities:  This is a very nicely done new loop in a COE Park.  Can’t beat the deal!  First thing I noticed was the sweet smell of honeysuckle.  Having been in Florida all winter, I didn’t realize how much I missed the green of oaks, hickory, sweet gum and other hard wood trees.  There was a cardinal here that tried to defend his territory from the other cardinal in our mirrors.  Great place to relax and ride bikes.  I saw 4-5 deer a couple of times during my morning jogs and soaked up more honeysuckle fragrance.  Gin did a couple of projects here and we visited with her cousin Joe who lives in nearby Prattville.

Trash and Recycle:  Dumpster at the dump station.  A can at the main bathhouse that only takes cans for recycle.

Site 35  Site 35
Playground and bathhouse at Gunter Hill COE  Patio of site 35 Catoma Loop Gunter Hill COE
Playground and small bathhouse                Our patio on site 35

Cardinal attacking his reflection  Bike stand project
Crazy cardinal                                           Bike stand project

Morning jog awaits  Nice place for bike riding
The road to the cg loop is great for a jog or bike ride

Cardinal natural habitat  Squirrel at Catoma Loop
View of the water at site 35 Catoma Loop  I missed the trees!
Relaxing view of the water                          Ahh… green trees!


  1. LOVE the bikestand project! Kin I copy it?? Great review! Love these. Hope you'll post pics of all the projects.

    1. Sure, David can do it. :-) There are many other designs out there. Just Google 'PVC bike stand'.